FREE — Advertise Your Ham Radio Rental Shack

It’s nearly 2018 and still there is not an up-to-date dedicated place to list your Ham Radio Rental Shack. Sure, there are a couple of websites which give some info, but there could be so much more, and all in one place, ie here.

It is completely FREE to list your Rental Shack details and I welcome you do to so.

From a personal perspective, I’m always looking to go somewhere around the world and operate ham radio. This often means taking your own equipment and setting up in a hotel, desert island or simply a country cottage. Of course, many operators prefer this way, but there’s also many who prefer to operate from a well equipped holiday shack.

While looking at your next destination, wouldn’t it be good to know there’s a Rental Shack available to use in any continent of the world (perhaps even Antarctica?!)

Don’t be shy, get in touch and let’s list your Ham Radio Rental Shack.

73! Col MM0NDX

PS: This website is a work in progress. I’m also looking at adding ham friendly hotels.