Nobody wants to go to Europe, yeah? Wrong! Europe is full of Ham Shack Rentals yet we can’t quite find them all listed on one page. Now, with your help, we can! Let’s get to work and put Europe on the Worldwide Ham Shack Rental map.

  • JW – Svalbard“JW5E rental shack is located in Longyearbyen, the main settlement in Svalbard”.
  • SJ9WL/LG5LG – “Morokulien Rental Shack can be rented by worldwide radio hams”.
  • SV0IE – Greece “Rental Shack is situated in sunny Kalamata City, Peloponnese Peninsula”.
  • YO – Romania — “Radio amateur guests can use all the antennas free of charge”.
  • Z37M – Macedonia“Last 20 years our club hosted many HAM`s from all over the world”.