Atlantic East Coast, Pacific West Coast, North, South, Caribbean… where do we start? There’s a stack of Ham Shack Rentals in NA, yet not all are known. We’re as curious as you, so let’s attempt to list them all on one single page — this page! Again, to advertise your Ham Shack Rental is completely FREE – drop a note.

  • 6Y5WJ – Jamaica “Other side of the Pile-UP!”
  • 8P9 – Barbados “We can get your 8P license for you in advance.”
  • FM5BH – Martinique “Rent the FM5BH radio station for a week or longer.”
  • J68HZ – St Lucia “One of the premiere ham radio stations in the Caribbean.”
  • J69DS – St Lucia “Shack located 340m ASL (1100 ft) – clear view all around.”
  • KP2M – US Virgin Islands “you ARE the DX when you operate from here.”
  • TI7 – Costa Rica “awesome Ham Radio Vacation, Costa Rica, made for you.”
  • V26B – Antigua “Serious about renting the LOUDEST Station in the Caribbean?”
  • V31HQ – Belize “2 operating positions. Shack located outside house, aircon”
  • VP2M – Montserrat “Outstanding Amateur Radio Dxpedition location.”
  • VP5M – Turks & Caicos “Irresistible QTH to create your own pileup.”
  • VP9GE – Bermuda “Long Established Ham Radio Shack in Bermuda.”
  • VY2TT – Prince Edward Island “PEI DX Lodge – Rental Superstation.”
  • YN2N – Nicaragua “Nicaragua Ham Radio Rental.”
  • ZF – Cayman Islands ZF1A Ham Shack is free of charge. Contact ZF1EJ.