From Brunei to Pitcairn, OC is truly massive in size. Yet, with all that vastness, we still don’t know just how many well placed Ham Shack Rentals there are.  Maybe there’s hidden gem Ham Shacks in DXCC entities such as New Caledonia, Fiji, Hawaii, French Polynesia, Solomon Islands, Australia or New Zealand. If there is, we don’t know about them…so get in touch! What’s not to like about FREE advertising your Ham Shack Rental?!

  • KH2 – Guam“Enjoy Guam Island and Ham Radio”
  • KH6 – Hawaii“#1 DX operators’ B&B to stay at on the Big Island of Hawaii”.
  • T88 – PalauWell known and well used Rental Shack in Republic of Palau”.
  • V85 – Brunei — “Rental Shack in the heart of Brunei.”
  • YB9 – Bali, Indonesia — “Bali Wirasana Hotel” is owned by Made YB9AY. He has a nice station with beams and you can request to use it. He can also arrange the licence for you upfront your arrival” [tnx F4BKV]
  • ZL – New Zealand — “Kiwi-DX Lodge”